My book review\discussion for Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell! :D 

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I uploaded my booktubeathon day 3 update&challenges video :D

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World Cup 2014 । semi-finals

SOOO I finally made a booktube video, this is weird and scary and fun and I’m SO EXCITED!!!

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I just uploaded my June DYL video ! Please watch, like and subscribe if you want to see more :)

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YA Literature MemeFavorite Male Character (1/3)  Aaron Warner Anderson

The tattoo is just setting below his hIp bone.

H e l l  i s  e m p t y

a n d  a l l  t h e  d e v i l s  a r e  h e r e

I kiss my way across the words.
Kissing away the devils.
Kissing away the pain.

A drawing I made of Lip-Jeremy Allen White from Shameless US :)

A drawing I made of Lip-Jeremy Allen White from Shameless US :)

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Photoshop cs5 problem, PLEASE HELP!

I have a problem with my photoshop , if you understand it please help me fix it ! *pretty pretty please* 
When I click File—> Import—>Video frames to layers… 
I can usually select files and it works, but for some reason now I can’t select anything, I mean the window opens up and I can see the files, but I can’t click on them and or select them: 
that’s how it looks like : 
I use a macbook, photoshop Cs5 and I tried switching between 32 and 64 bit mode, 
and the files I tried selecting are Jpeg, png, bmp…. none of them work. 
Thank you so much and please help !

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Not gonna lie I thought they were Harry and Ron for a sec


Thank you so much :’) this means a lot! <3

A drawing I made of Ian and Mickey :D

A drawing I made of Ian and Mickey :D

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I just uploaded my May DYL video ! Please watch , like and subscribe <33 :D

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